Philip Wong


Director Business Development

Philip is the Director of Business Development at Fujitsu and is focused on developing both technical and business partnerships with tech companies across the data center space.  As part of his role, Philip is also oversees the partnering activity for the Fujitsu Solutions Lab.  

Philip's experience in the IT industry stretches for more than 30 years, with emphasis around data center infrastructure architectures and in particular hybrid cloud and related services. Philip was part of the team that established one of the first enterprise grade private clouds in ASEAN.  Previously at Fujitsu, Philip served as the business owner of the SAP Cloud Service business for Fujitsu Asia Pacific in Singapore.  Prior to that, Philip worked at Fujitsu's Japan Headquarters in Tokyo (Hamamastucho), developing the SAP business in Asia Pacific supporting large SAP infrastructure deals.  Previous work at Fujitsu also includes work in Hong Kong as a regional consultant and in the United Kingdom as a computer design engineer.

Philip graduated with honors in United Kingdom where he received a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from Greenwich University and a Masters in Business Administration at Manchester Business School.

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