Fujitsu Software Infrastructure Manager (ISM)

Software Infrastructure Manager (ISM) - Enabling SDDC

Converged View & Monitoring


ISM gives health monitoring and insights into the entire data center environment (both Fujitsu & 3rd party HW) and includes visualization tools (like power monitoring).

  • 23% faster troubleshooting with ISM vs. other C Load software

Unified Firmware Management


ISM can automatically identify devices requiring FW updates and ability to update FW across all data center nodes at once.

  • Ability to reduce up to 90% of the cost & time that results from managing FW in your data center

Auto Discovery & Profile Mgmt


ISM uses integrated profile management to automatically configure devices across server, storage, and networking.

  • Can  identify devices added to the rack even if an IP address has not been configured

Network Topology Management


ISM gives end-to-end visibility into the network connections by building a topology map with a converged view from the server to storage device to the underlying network. 

Seamless Integration


ISM supports not only the traditional data center infrastructure environments but also has seamless and easy integration to support Cloud native, Dev Ops, and Open Source based environments.

FUJITSU Software Infrastructure Manager (ISM) - The path to a software defined data center


Files coming soon.